Law 25 concerning the protection of personal information

Law 25 modernizes legislative conditions regarding the protection of personal information since September 2022. Dr. Francesca Lungescu is the person responsible for the protection of personal information for her clinic, who you can contact regarding this matter, if necessary. This law affects the standards of practice of healthcare professionals, including psychologists. Based on this law, several requirements and modifications will be put in place from 2022 to 2025.

As a practicing psychologist in private practice, I now have the following responsibilities:

  • Apply the Personal Information Protection Act
  • Respond to requests relating to personal information (e.g., access, rectification, transfer, etc.)
  • Implement governance rules relating to personal information; keep closed files for 5 years, then destroy them confidentially and securely
  • Keep records of communication of personal information
  • Take care of the process for handling complaints relating to the protection of personal information
  • Notify the Commission for access to information of any confidentiality incident involving personal information
  • Maintain a record of privacy incidents involving personal information.

Other measures will also be put in place by 2024-2025, more information will follow.

If you write from the contact page of this web site, you give your informed and free consent to receive an answer by email and/or phone from Dr. Francesca Lungescu psychologist, as well as for the collection of the personal information that you provide, for the purposes for which it was collected (i.e., so that Dr. Francesca Lungescu evaluates if she help you or if it is better give you a reference), while maintaining confidentiality.

Dre. Francesca Lungescu, Ph.D.
Clinic Privacy Officer